Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 anti-bricking fix isn’t actually working

Samsung has released a fix for a bug that caused some Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic models to die after an update – but it doesn’t work.

The original issue saw some people report that their watches updated fine, but then refused to power back on whether the restart was planned or after the watch ran out of juice. Now, Samsung has released a fix that it claims deals with whatever bug was causing the problem. Except, some people report that the problem is still happening.

Samsung’s changelog for the update suggests that stability and reliability have been improved while also noting that the November 2022 security patch is also included. There’s mention of a “power operation-related stabilization code” being applied via the same update, but even if that’s supposed to stop watches bricking themselves, some on Reddit say that it isn’t.

As for what’s happening, we don’t yet know. We also don’t know what to suggest people do next, either. If you haven’t yet updated it might be wise to avoid doing so. Samsung previously said that people whose watches were bricked should reach out for support.

Back on Reddit, things have now reached the tea leaf-reading stage – some believe that the issue could be related to the period when specific watches were manufactured, with those built around August 2021 most likely to fail.

We’ve reached out to Samsung to get clarification on what this update is supposed to fix and what people should do from here on out.

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