Extend Your Outdoor Adventures With the New BLUETTI AC60 Power Station


Take your outdoor adventures to greater heights with the tiny, yet mighty BLUETTI AC60. This brand new portable power station boasts unique and durable features that make it the ideal companion for any activity, even in the harshest environments. With the AC60, you’ll be able to bring the comfort of home with you wherever you go.

Unleash Outdoor Possibilities

Explore the open air with the BLUETTI AC60 by your side so you’ll always have access to the power you need. Its compact 8.6kg design makes it conveniently portable without sacrificing capability, delivering 3000+ life cycles over a 10-year lifespan. The built-in 403Wh LiFePO4 battery can safely supply 600W power, reaching a maximum of 1200W in lifting power mode. On its own, the AC60 supplies enough power to support all the devices you bring with you, from phones and laptops to ice makers and car fridges, making your outdoor activities much more comfortable.

The AC60 solar generator has an intelligent Battery Management System that works efficiently without safety hazards and provides a longer lifespan and greater durability. It also features a quiet <45dB operation, so you won’t have to worry about being disturbed as you rest and relax at your campsite.

You can further extend the AC60’s power output to 2015Wh with two B80 battery packs, allowing you to efficiently run high-powered appliances and resistive equipment such as kettles, hair dryers, electric grills, and more. Both the AC60 power station and B80 expansion packs come with an industry-leading 6-year warranty, a safe LiFePO4 core battery, and an IP65 rating, making them a reliable and long-lasting pairing.

Not only can the B80 battery pack boost your AC60’s power capacity, but you can also use an aviation DC7909 cable to connect it to your other BLUETTI solar generators, such as the EB3A, EB70, EB70S, and AC180. With it’s with three DC ports, (USB-A, USB-C, and cigarette lighter), the B80 can be used as a standalone power source with a capacity of 806Wh. It can achieve a 200W solar charge with the included standard PV charge cable and also supports AC adapters. Whether you want to charge a smartphone up to 43 times, a laptop up to 10 times, or power a lightbulb for more than 60 hours, the B80 battery pack can efficiently prolong your power capabilities.


You won’t have to wait long to harness all the power that BLUETTI’s AC60 solar generator provides. With its super-fast charging and four charging methods, you’ll have access to the power you need three times faster than with comparable models on the market. The AC60 can reach a full charge in only 1.2 hours when charged by an AC cord or generator, and 3.5 hours when you charge it with solar panels or your vehicle.



The BLUETTI AC60 Portable Power Station


Take your outdoor adventures to greater heights with the tiny, yet mighty BLUETTI AC60 portable power station.

The dynamic design of the AC60 can provide maximum convenience during all of your outdoor excursions. It comes with nine output ports to support a large range of small and large appliances. With USB-C and USB-A ports, and a car cigarette lighter port, you’ll be able to quickly power up all the devices you need to make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible. You can even control and monitor the AC60 while you’re away with the easy-to-use BLUETTI smart app. You’ll be able to check the power station’s status, set it to charge or recharge, or change various settings from the palm of your hand.


The BLUETTI AC60’s well-designed structure can enhance all of your outdoor activities. With its dustproof, weatherproof, and IP65 water-resistant build, it’s the ideal companion for every adventure and environment. The AC60 can easily shrug off sand and dust, staying safe and functional while overlanding and during trips to the beach. If you’re camping in a remote location with harsh weather conditions, such as a jungle or rainforest, the AC60 will easily withstand all the elements nature may bring your way. It can even repel water splashes during water sports, fishing trips, or sailing, making the AC60 virtually essential for outdoor adventurers.

The possibilities are endless when you bring the BLUETTI AC60 along. Its massive power delivery can lengthen your trips and give you added peace of mind while enjoying the open air. You’ll be able to completely upgrade your camping experience in various ways. Whether you want to host a large barbecue, put on a live music show with friends, or set up an outdoor movie theater, there’s no limit to the ways the AC60 portable power station can enhance your outdoor activities.


Unlock More Possibilities With AC60

No matter the adventure or environment, you’ll have all the power you need to explore the great outdoors with the BLUETTI AC60 at your side. Its unique, durable design and substantial power delivery can enhance your comfort and add extra convenience to all your activities. Unlock more possibilities with the newly-launched AC60 so you can stay powered up for longer while enjoying the outdoors.



The BLUETTI AC60 Portable Power Station

Take your outdoor adventures to greater heights with the tiny, yet mighty BLUETTI AC60 portable power station.

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