Stay powered up with one of Bluetti’s premium power stations

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A man and woman use power stations in a black kitchen


Portable power stations have grown in popularity since the pandemic began. Hoards of people ventured into the outdoors to escape the crowded cities. However, they quickly realized that to create a truly enjoyable camping trip, you need a reliable power source for your gadgets and small appliances.

Many of us also started disaster preparedness plans, which include equipping your home with the means to get by without electricity for days. If you’ve ever experienced a rolling blackout or power outage, you’ll know the frustration that comes with it. “We really need to buy a power station,” you say every time. This is your sign – it’s time to invest in a power station.

Check out these three amazing options from Bluetti to see which fits your lifestyle and needs.

A man and woman camping use a power station


Power station for the outdoor enthusiast

The Bluetti AC180 Solar Portable Power Station was designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect solution for at-home backup as well as travel. It’s the perfect combination of size and power: small enough to grab by the handle and load in your vehicle and powerful enough to last for a weekend camping trip.

With 1,800W of constant output power, 1,152Wh of battery capacity, and 11 output ports, the AC180 can support multiple devices, from phones, laptops, and lights to coffee makers, refrigerators, and portable AC units. When it’s time to charge up again, the 1,440W turbocharging will take your AC180 to 80% in only 45 minutes.

If you’re charging up off the grid, the AC180’s solar-powered input can fully charge your unit in just three hours.

Buy AC180 – $799

Two men with a rooftop camper use a power station


Power station for the planner

If you’re looking for versatility and comfort in potential emergency situations, the Bluetti AC300 Power Station and B300 Home Battery Backup is your answer. You can easily power your family’s basic needs with 3,072Wh of battery capacity. If you need enough power for literal days, you can use the AC300’s fully modular interchangeable batteries and use four B300 modules for up to 12,288Wh of power.

The AC300 can tie into your Bluetti Smart Home Panel for UPS backup so that you’ll always be prepared. Recharging is easy with seven different options, including up to 2,400W of solar panel compatibility.

Buy AC300+B300 – $2599

Product shot of the silver Bluetti EP500 power station with wheels


Power station for the techie

The Bluetti EP500 Solar Generator Kit includes three 200PV solar panels and is equipped with enough power to run your entire home for more than a day. With 15 outlet sources, a groundbreaking 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, and a 2000W-rated pure sine wave AC inverter, the EP500 is the ultimate home power station.

Its convenient wheels and quiet operation make it a seamless addition to your home whenever and wherever you need power. With UPS backup, your EP500 automatically becomes your home’s energy source during power failures or emergencies. The EP500 is the ultimate peace-of-mind power station with incredible power and endurance.

No matter where you are, you can manage your energy usage and data in the Bluetti app. So whether you want the versatility of the AC180, the power of the AC300, or the convenience of the EP500, you’ll always have full control using the app.

Buy EP500 – $3999