First full FIFA 21 trailer drops, giving us a look at next-gen gameplay

EA has done what so many football fans wanted, and dropped the first trailer for this year’s FIFA 21, after teasing us with morsels in the build-up to the unveiling.

We now know that Kylian Mbappe is the well-deserved cover star for this year’s games, in all three versions that will be available, and can now take a look at what the game is going to actually look like on next-gen consoles.

Suffice to say that things are looking mighty fine, too. The trailer shows off some of the most iconic stadia and teams in the world, including the newly-crowned Premier League champions, Liverpool, although once again their actual kit for next year, made by Nike, isn’t included for legal reasons ahed of its official reveal.

Of course, each year a new FIFA promises new features, and the trailer points out a few areas where improvements are coming, although not with much detail – small facets like better tactical options in career mode make brief appearances, for example: Interactive Match Sim lets you take more control without playing a whole match manually.

It looks like we’ll also be seeing the return of Volta mode, the street football side-show that took the place of the story-driven The Journey in FIFA 20 to moderate success. We can’t say that we’re still playing Volta now, but if it’s getting developed we’ll certainly give it another try.

Importantly, it looks like the mode might be getting some form of multiplayer, an omission that hurt it last year, so get ready to panna your mates remotely. Volta Squads will let players team up for 5v5 matches.

The trailer focusses on the personalities of some of the young players making waves at the moment, including Mbappe, Trent Alexander-Arnold, João Félix and Erling Haaland, clearly filmed in lockdown which is a nice touch right now.

We’ll have to wait for more gameplay footage in time, though, with the FIFA 21 website promising a full reveal of all the major changes in August.

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