Here’s How Long Your Google Pixel Slate I5 Will Receive ChromeOS Updates

Google Pixel Slate tablet

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Google introduced the Pixel Slate i5 in 2018 to mixed reviews with complaints about its weight, software bugs, and other issues, leading some to conclude that the high-end hybrid ChromeOS tablet-laptop wasn’t ready for primetime. Despite the initial hiccups, dedicated users stuck with the device, and their patience was rewarded with regular updates and improved performance, with the tablet-laptop hybrid becoming a fixture in the lives of many. However, just when it seemed the Pixel Slate might have a long life ahead of it, Google removed the device from its stores in 2021, leaving many wondering how long updates would continue.

As with all its devices, the Google Pixel Slate has received regular updates, keeping it running smoothly. These updates ensure the device performs efficiently, receives the security patches it needs to remain secure, gets the newest features, and delivers an optimal user experience. The good news for Pixel Slate owners is that although the company no longer sells the device, it’ll continue to receive updates for a few more years.

When will google end support for the Google Pixel Slate i5?

Google Pixel Slate with keyboard

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In keeping with its policy of supporting devices for several years after their release, the Google Pixel Slate i5 will receive updates from Google until 2027. If you own a Pixel State, rest assured that your device will remain up-to-date even though Google has discontinued it. You’ll get the same updates, security patches, and system improvements as newer ChromeOS devices. No action is required; as long as your device is connected to the internet, it’ll receive automatic updates.

While Google hasn’t given a specific date in 2027 for discontinuing updates for the Pixel Slate, you will receive a “Final software update” notification before the company ends support for the device. You can continue to use your device after this notification, but keep in mind you may not be able to use certain features and apps that require the latest version of ChromeOS. Also, your device may become more vulnerable to security threats without regular updates.