5 Of The Top Recommended Anker Chargers For Android Devices


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When it comes to products that keep your electronic devices powered — be it laptops, tablets, smartphones, or others — Anker Innovations is one of the biggest names in the game. Since its founding in China in 2011, Anker has become a go-to brand for wall chargers, charging cables, power banks, and more (though the company also sells other items like 3D printers, flashlights, and even headphones.) That popularity comes in part from its consistent line of reliable, relatively affordable products that can quickly charge your device when you need it most.

Even when it comes to just chargers, Anker has a wide range of products to offer, giving you more than one option when shopping for a phone charger. While some of these may be more suited for iPhone users, like the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe, Anker also manufactures some great products for Android devices as well. Which one (or more) is right for you may depend on your budget, additional devices you may own, and other factors. Based on both high customer ratings and reviews from reputable publications who have tested these products — more on that at the end of the article — here are five of the top-recommended Anker chargers for Android devices.

511 Charger (Nano Pro)

The Anker 511 Charger (Nano) is a no-frills wall charger that is small enough to make it easy to carry around or hide behind a nightstand. It plugs straight into the wall and has a front-facing 20W fast-charging USB-C port that can quickly juice up your Android device. Its small cube shape is reminiscent of many of the 5W chargers that proliferated a few years ago, but it’s as powerful as many of the larger palm-sized 20W chargers still sold today. Wirecutter, which named it the best USB phone charger of 2023 after testing several competitors, says it can power a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel more than 50% in a half hour.

Features include a dynamic temperature sensor and power tuner chip to prevent overheating and overcharging your phone. Plus, it’s one of Anker’s more stylish chargers, which usually come in either black or white. The 511 Charger has both those options, as well as pink, lavender, and two shades of blue. However, if you’re the type of power user who owns multiple electronic devices, this may not be the best Anker charger for you. It has just one USB-C port, so if you’re charging your Android, any other devices will have to wait. If you’re looking for a small and portable charger just for your phone, though, Anker’s 511 Charger (Nano Pro) is a solid choice. You can find it for $16.99 on Amazon, if not cheaper.

737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W)

Aside from when they’re asleep, a lot of people will charge their phones while sitting at their desks working. If that fits your description, you’ll likely want a charger that can power both your laptop and still have a port open for your Android device. Anker makes such a device — the 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W). It comes with two USB-C ports and a USB-A port.

When a 16-inch laptop is plugged into the PowerIQ 4.0 port and uses the charger’s Dynamic Power Distribution, it can receive over 100W of power, or up to three devices can charge at once at slower speeds. CNN reports that the 737 had the highest output of the 35 different chargers it tested, though warns it maxes out at 104W, not 120W. CNN added that it reached 26W when charging a Pixel 7 and can charge a Galaxy S23 Ultra at its maximum 45W fast-charging speed.

Despite its powerful output, it’s a relatively small and slim unit that can plug snugly into an outlet. Its ActiveShield 2.0 will take its own temperature three million times per day to prevent overheating. Anker’s 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) is one of its most expensive chargers, though — its list price on Amazon is $89. Of course, if you own a desktop or just need a charger for your Android phone and nothing else, it might be overkill to pay more money than you need to for this powerful device.

313 Wireless Charger (Stand)

While wireless charging is typically a slower way to power your devices, many Android users like to use it anyway. It’s convenient, allowing you to put down and pick up your phone without worrying about a cord, and it also reduces wear and tear on your phone’s USB-C port. In addition to a Qi-charging wireless pad, Anker also makes a stand version of its 313 Wireless Charger, allowing you to wirelessly charge your Android device while it remains upright. That way, you can use it as a clock and/or alarm while it rests on your nightstand during the evening, or you can easily keep tabs on push notifications while working at your desk. You can even use it to watch videos or make video calls.

Available in black or white, the charging stand has a thin, stylish design that will look at home in your bedroom or office, and its case-friendly back can hold up your phone in either landscape or portrait mode. A handy color-coded LED indicator will let you know if it’s charging correctly or not. It’s compatible with the Note, Pixel, Galaxy, and many other Android phones, and its PowerWave technology can switch between 5W, 7.5W, or 10W charging outputs, depending on the needs of your device.

While it’s not the most powerful Anker charger, Wired named it one of the best wireless chargers available after testing dozens of similar products. The Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Stand) is also affordable, costing less than $20 on Amazon. However, if you don’t already own one, you’ll need to pay more and purchase an adapter to power the base. (It comes with a 3-foot Micro-USB cable but no wall adapter for it.)

735 Charger (Nano II 65W)

With three ports (two USB-C and one USB-A), the Anker 735 Charger (Nano II 65W) is great if you need to power more than one device at a time. After hands-on testing of 35 various chargers, CNN named it its best USB-C charger for multiple devices and reported that it can output 20W to the Pixel 7 and 45W to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While not as powerful as Anker’s 120W 737 Charger, CNN also said that the 735 Charger can power a “tablet and laptop without breaking a sweat.”

Not much bigger than a cube charger, it’s also foldable and compact, making it great for traveling. You can plug this into a hotel or café wall outlet and power up to three devices at once. CNN did note that the unit is a little top-heavy, however. Anker’s 735 Charger (Nano II 65W) i​​s available from Amazon for $55.99, but if you only have one device that needs charging, you can get away with buying a cheaper Anker product — like the single-port 511 Charger. Why pay for extra ports if you don’t need them?

340 Charger (PowerPort 4)

Sometimes, one port isn’t enough. For many people, even three ports aren’t enough. If you like to keep several accessories charged, whether it’s your headphones, smartwatch, power bank, or more, you might want to opt for Anker’s 340 Charger (PowerPort 4), which can charge four devices at once. This also makes it great for dorm rooms or other locations where multiple people need to charge their phones simultaneously.

Rated at 40W, with each port able to draw 12W, the unit can output enough power for a Galaxy S7, Note 5, Google Nexus, and many other Android devices. Wirecutter, which says the PowerPort 4 is “best for charging lots of gear,” states that “no other reliable four-port charger packs that kind of power into such a diminutive size and at such a low price.”

That low price is $29.99, though you can often find it discounted for even less on Amazon. Its affordability comes with a catch, however, depending on the type of devices you own. All four ports are USB-A, which means you’ll need an adapter or the right cable to charge any Android products that use USB-C. It also means they won’t power up as quickly as they would with a USB-C charger. If you’re in no rush, though, the 340 Charger (PowerPort 4) is a great option for powering multiple devices at once.

Why these Anker chargers for Android devices made the list

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Anker is a very popular brand when it comes to charging cables, power banks, and other devices, and you’ll often see one or more of its products make lists of the best phone chargers, best wireless chargers, best Android chargers, and more. A wide range of reputable publications — from major media companies like CNN to technology-focused outlets like Wired — have recommended Anker chargers. Of course, you shouldn’t go by reputation alone, and when you’re spending money on a product you plan to use all the time, you’ll want to make sure it’s high quality and suits your needs.

Anker products typically have very high user ratings on Amazon, and because the company is so popular, these user scores are often averaged out of tens of thousands of customer ratings. All of the recommended chargers on this list have high Amazon scores based on over 10,000 user ratings, if not many more. With one exception — the 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W), which still had a large sample of over 1,800 user scores.

Additionally, all the recommended Anker chargers on this list were tested by professional reviewers working for publications including Wirecutter, CNN, and Wired. Also, this list mostly focused on USB-C, which is the standard port for current-gen Android devices. Other options, including wireless and USB-A, are also included, and if you have an Android device that is too old for even these products, you can likely find the right adapter to take advantage of these top-recommended Anker chargers.