How To Find New Discord Servers To Join In 2024

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Discord may not be as popular as X or Facebook, but its unique features have attracted over 500 million users. The social media community was formerly exclusive to game lovers but has morphed into a no-holds-barred chat app where users can share voice, video, and text chat with people, developers, and influencers privately or in gaming and work communities.

Discord’s online play mode lets you work with or play against people globally – and possibly gain new friends. Discord also lets you keep in touch with friends and family who are far away, like you’ll find on any other social media platform. Add all that to the easy-to-use interface and free access it provides users, and you’ll see why Discord has quickly become a leading global online gaming and communications brand.

Thanks to Discord’s highly organized servers and cataloging, navigating through messages, announcements, and promotions on Discord is seamless. There’s no need to dread information overload or difficulty navigating its pages. Beyond providing seamless navigation, the platform’s servers allow you to learn topics that interest you.

How to Find Discord Servers

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How can you find your favorite Discord servers? The platform provides an easy-to-use feature for this purpose. Know that only community servers are accessible through this tool; private servers created with your friends cannot be joined using this method. To get started:

  1. Open the Discord app on your PC.

  2. Sign in to your Discord account, or create one if you’re new.

  3. Log in and click on Explore Discoverable Servers.

  4. The Server Discovery page suggests servers and lets you search using keywords. You can filter results by interests like gaming, music, education, science & tech, or student hubs. The Discovery tab shows all matching servers, making it easy to explore your interests, browse, and join new Discord groups.

  5. If you’re unsure whether you want to join a server, tap on the community and use Preview Mode to get a sneak peek at each server’s community members, existing rules, or expressions.

  6. If you don’t want to join the server yet, click Back, it’ll return you to the Server Discovery Tab.

  7. Click Join at the top of your screen once you’ve found your next server.

  8. If the interface prompts you to confirm your choice, follow the instructions, and you can now explore creators and content and connect with friends in your new Discord home!

As of today, the Server Discovery feature is not yet available directly within the Discord mobile app. It’s only accessible on the desktop and browser versions of Discord.

Why Discord servers are worth your time

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Granted, a few servers have issues – like poor moderation or offensive content – but the pros of these channels sure overwhelm the few bad eggs. Discord communities give you great opportunities to meet new people. They let you network with professionals, experts, and people with similar interests in programming, games, art, language, and music. Who knows? Your next gig, career path, or all-time hobby may be waiting at your next Discord group.

No one would take away gaming content from Discord – at least not anytime soon. With plenty of gaming group options, Discord servers are one of the best places online to play games with new friends, discuss game tricks or tips, and uncover all the latest leaks and news on yet-to-be-released titles. What about the abundance of content from YouTube, streamers, writers, and other creators? Joining Discord servers allows you to follow your favorite content creators and be the first to see their new materials, provide feedback, and participate actively in a supportive community.