How to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV

Part of the massive appeal of Nintendo’s hit Switch console is that it’s both a handheld portable and a console that you can play on your TV.

If you need some help getting it hooked up to your television, though, we’ve got the answers. Here’s how to connect things up.

It’s worth remembering, before we start, that this won’t work with the Switch Lite, which is handheld only. The steps below apply to the Switch and Switch OLED equally, though.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

First up, what will you need? Well – you’ll need your Switch, its dock, a controller or Joy-Con, an HDMI cable and the console’s power cable.

1. Open the back of your dock

First up, grab your Switch’s dock and open up the panel on the back of it.

If you’re using a standard Switch this is on a hinge, while the Switch OLED’s version pops off entirely.

2. Plug your cables into the dock

Once you have the back open, plug in one end of your HDMI cable to the dock, along with the USB-C end of the console’s power cable.

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV photo 2

Use the cables supplied with the console for the most reliable results.

If you have the Switch OLED you can optionally also plug in a LAN cable at this point for a more stable internet connection.

3. Hook your HDMI and power supply up

Find the other end of your HDMI cable and plug it into a vacant port on your TV.

Then, plug your console’s power adapter into the wall with the power on.

4. Close up your dock

At this point, you can thread the cables you’re using through the notch in the side of the Switch’s dock, then place the cover back over it to keep things neat and tidy.

Stick the dock wherever you want it, be that on a TV stand or in a cabinet.

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV photo 3

5. Put your Switch in the dock

Now, slip your Switch into the dock, clicking it into place. You’ll know this works if a small charging indicator pops up on the sliver of the screen you can see when the Switch is docked.

6. Wake your Switch

Using either a separate controller or your Joy-Cons once removed from the sides of your docked Switch, wake your console up.

7. Choose the right HDMI input on your TV

Once your Switch is on, you should be able to use it on your TV, provided that the TV is powered on and set to the relevant HDMI input channel.

Now that you’re all hooked up, why not check out our list of the very best games available on the Switch right now?