How to Reset a PS5 Controller

Closeup of the top of a white Dualsense controller for the Sony PlayStation 5.

Look for the hole on the back of the controller, disconnect any USB cables, and then place a small pointed object into the hole and hold it for five seconds. Your PS5 controller is now reset.

Are you having issues pairing your DualSense controller with a PlayStation 5 console wirelessly? Did you previously pair it with a PC or similar device and now can’t use it with its home console? Here’s how to reset it to factory defaults so you can pair it again.

Why Would You Need to Reset Your Controller?

If you’re having trouble pairing a Sony DualSense controller with a console, you might want to try resetting it by following our instructions below. If you want to pair your controller to a different PlayStation 5 console, resetting it first ensures that old pairing data is removed completely.

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Sony PlayStation DualSense Controller


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You can also remove information about other paired devices, like a Mac, PC, or smartphone that may be interfering with the normal operation of your DualSense controller. This simple “hard reset” option makes it easy to start over if you’re not sure why your controller won’t pair wirelessly.

Reset Your PS5 Controller Using the Hole on the Back

You can easily reset your PlayStation 5 DualSense controller using the hole in the back of the unit. First, turn off your PlayStation 5 and disconnect your controller if it’s plugged in.

DualSense controller (rear)

Now grab a paperclip or other thin pointy object and insert it into the hole until you feel the button inside depress and hold it there for five seconds. The controller should now have been reset, and you can pair it again.

Reset DualSense controller using a thin object

To pair, turn on your PlayStation 5 console using the power button and connect the DualSense controller to the Type-A USB port on the front of the unit using a charging cable. Turn on your controller by holding the “PS” button and wait for it to pair.

These instructions work for both the standard DualSense controller that comes with your console and Sony’s fancy $200 DualSense Edge too.

Do More With Your Controller and PS5

It’s easy to pair your DualSense controller with an iPhone or iPad, Android device, Apple TV or Windows PC. To do this, first put it into pairing mode and then complete the process on the device you want to pair it with.

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