How to reset your Xbox One controller

If your controller is acting up, this could help.

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The Xbox One is now a console of venerable age, but it’s still got millions of users and a huge range of games to try out.

If you’re using your Xbox One but noticing that your controller is acting a little funny, whether it’s disconnecting, failing to hold a charge, developing input lag or any number of other issues, you may want to reset it. While this won’t necessarily fix mechanical faults, it can be a great first step in diagnosing a problem.

How to reset your Xbox One controller

There are basically two ways to reset your Xbox One controller, the first a bit quicker than the second.

First, if you want to do a quick reset on your Xbox One controller you can do so by power cycling it, following the steps below.

  1. Turn off your controller by holding the Xbox button for 10-15 seconds
  2. Take the batteries or charging pack out of the back of the controller
  3. After waiting a few seconds, place the batteries or charging pack back into the controller
  4. Press the Xbox button to start the controller up again

This will have power-cycled your controller to basically restart it, which can solve a surprising number of small issues.

If you want something more lasting, though, follow the steps below to fully reset your controller.

  1. Turn off your Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button for 10-15 seconds
  2. Turn off your Xbox One console by holding its Xbox button, for 5-10 seconds
  3. Remove the power cord from your console
  4. Wait for 30 seconds then reconnect the power cable
  5. Press the Xbox One console’s Xbox button to turn it on
  6. Connect your controller to the console using a USB cable and wait for it to sync

This will reset your controller and resync it with your Xbox One console, wiping the slate clean.

Of course, you could well find that you still have issues with your controller after following both of the processes above, in which case a mechanical fault could be at play.

Repairs are available but you might also want to look into getting a new Xbox controller entirely, since they can often be found affordably.