How to Start Deep in Abyss Mode in Made in Abyss Binary Star

We’re just going to come out and say it: Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness’ Deep in Abyss mode should have been the only portion of the game you play. It’s far more fun than Hello Abyss and makes full use of the interesting gameplay mechanics chosen for use in the title. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible right off the bat, which is why we’ve constructed this guide on how to start Deep in Abyss Mode in Made in Abyss Binary Star as quickly as possible.

How to Unlock Deep in Abyss Mode in Made in Abyss Binary Star

Made in Abyss Binary Star‘s Deep in Abyss mode can only be played after completing the game’s Hello Abyss mode, which acts as a direct adaptation of the Made in Abyss anime’s story up to the first half of season one. There’s currently no way around this, and the game’s developer Chime Corporation hasn’t made any announcements about an update that could help circumvent this unlock requirement.

As such, you’ll need to play through Hello Abyss in its entirety. Fortunately, this doesn’t take too long to do, as the mode is only about three or four hours long, depending on how long you take to get through areas and complete the requisite missions. It can be cleared even faster if you skip through the dialogue portions. Don’t worry about missing out on important plot info; if you’ve seen the anime, then you’ve already got all the information you’ll need to get through the game.

Image Credit: Chime Corporation and Spike Chunsoft

To that end, skip past whatever dialogue pops up and make your way through the story as quickly as possible. Don’t fight enemies unless absolutely necessary, and focus only on the tasks laid out in the missions tied to the main story’s progression.

Before long, you’ll reach the point where Riko and Reg start their Last Dive. From here, focus only on progressing deeper into the Abyss. Avoid fighting the Primeval Creatures along the way unless you need food, and keep chugging along toward the changing mission markers. Use Reg to quickly kill enemies and to descend or ascend from Rope points using his grappling arm for faster traversal.

Once you reach Ozen’s camp, you’ll be home free and will only have a short series of missions left to clear. After that, the credits will roll on the Hello Abyss mode without issue, and you’ll be able to start a Deep in Abyss run by accessing the cleared game’s save.

What You Can Do in Deep in Abyss Mode

As for what Made in Abyss Binary Star’s Deep in Abyss mode offers, it’s far more in-depth than what Hello Abyss provides.

After creating your own character, you’ll be able to embark on dives into the Abyss for Relic hunts, missions, and whatever else you’d like to do. You can also level up to learn new abilities and techniques tied to cave raiding, increase your Whistle rank to reach new levels of the Abyss, and unravel the story of another cave raider who found themselves compelled to go to the bottom of the titular chasm.

Be prepared for a long journey if you’re out to complete the mode, though. It clocks in at a few dozen hours and has some firm roadblocks in place to prevent skipping to later segments and areas without clearing the proper missions first.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to start Deep in Abyss mode in Made in Abyss Binary Star. For more on the game, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got other guides on a variety of topics, including how to farm Rare Relics and how to manage the Curse of the Abyss.

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