Intel Arc graphics cards won’t natively support HDMI 2.1

Intel is constantly releasing more and more information about its Arc graphics cards. It has just recently teased the Intel Arc 750 GPU and shown some of what’s capable.

Now the company is talking about what it cannot do. One of those things is natively supporting HDMI 2.1. Although Intel’s GPUs will support HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 2.0, there won’t be standard support for the newer HDMI standard. At least for board partners anyway.

This means if you’re purchasing an Intel Arc GPU through another card manufacturer then you won’t necessarily get HMDI 2.1. Unless that is the card partner or laptop builder specifically crafts with the ability to convert the DisplayPort output to HDMI 2.1.

This isn’t necessarily an issue when using a gaming monitor but if you’re gaming on a big television screen then you might only have HDMI and you really need HDMI 2.1 in order to play at 4K with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Despite this Intel has said it will be supporting HDR and Variable Refresh Rate as standard. It’ll also be validating over 100 of the top gaming displays to ensure gamers get a great experience.

We now have a fair amount of info about the upcoming Intel GPUs but still no official word on when they’ll be available to buy.

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