Swap your two screens for dual vertical monitors you’ll love

With as many apps and files we all use on a daily basis, oftentimes, it’s almost mandatory to have two monitors hooked up to your computer or laptop. The more we work from home, we notice how annoying going from one monitor to another can be.

Thankfully, a new solution appears on the horizon: the Geminos stacked dual-screen desktop monitor! Instead of getting two monitors side by side, you can get one of these screens and go vertical!

What makes the Geminos stand out

Obviously, there’s no other screen set-up quite like the Geminos. This stacked dual-screen monitor features 24-inch displays. They’re stacked vertically and they’re super easy to adjust, as the top monitor slides up and down, while the bottom monitor pivots in and out to create a great angled visual appearance. Basically, this is the perfect monitor if you love swapping between working while standing up and while sitting in your comfy chair.

The ergonomically designed monitors feature a minimal gap between monitors which means you can comfortably use both these screens without issues.

The 24-inch displays are super easy to move around and stack neatly when you don’t want to use them. The screens have a refresh rate of 60hz, and a brightness level of 250N. Also, the screen resolution is 1080P.

The top screen also features a built-in 1080p webcam and speakers so you can have your meetings without requiring any extra gear. The full HD webcam is all you’re going to need for video conferencing.

Furthermore, since the Gemino is an all-inclusive workstation, there are also quite a few more gadgets to help you out. More specifically, there’s a USB docking station integrated into the screens’ base. It’s also capable of 100W USB-C pass-through charging, so you can charge up your laptop in a couple of hours.

The screens work with Mac, Windows, Linux, laptops, desktop computers, Xbox, or Playstation, which is pretty awesome. There are also loads of ports available – USB A, USB C, Ethernet jack, two HDMI ports, and TF/SD card slots. It’s all pretty handy, and it may very well solve your cable management issue.

Since this is a Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have to wait a bit before delivery. The monitors are scheduled to go on the production line in September, with October set as the goal for delivery.

Geminos goes to Kickstarter

The Geminos dual-screen desktop monitor is available on Kickstarter, and anyone can back them up, especially as the campaign has more than a month and a half left to go.

The original goal for the project was to raise $25,000, a number that was reached in just over half an hour. Now, with over $900,000 already raised, it’s clear that the project is going ahead towards production.

There are several ways to support the project:

  • Pledge $10 with no reward
  • Pledge $499 for $500 off on the Geminos retail price
  • Pledge $699 for $300 off on the Geminos retail price
  • Pledge $998 for $1,000 off on two Geminos retail price

Given how much Geminos has already raised in its Kickstarter, it’s clear that this is a safe bet, so go ahead and pledge if you want early access to this awesome dual-stacked desktop monitor.

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