Look for Seamless Setup support on your next Google Assistant smart home gadget

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of setting up a cheap Chinese smart bulb, you’d know that the setup process can be a bit of a hassle. You first have to download an app from the smart bulb’s manufacturer, create an account on that app, connect the smart bulb to the app, and then finally connect your account to Google Home to start using the smart bulb with the Google Assistant. And while that may sound simple enough, the process isn’t really as seamless as it may seem.

To ensure that users have a better experience setting up their smart devices, Google started working with some smart home gadget makers last year to simplify the setup process. This resulted in Seamless Setup, a new setup process for smart home gadgets that allows you to set up compatible devices from start to finish right in the Google Home app. The C by GE smart lights were the first smart home devices to feature support for the new Seamless Setup process, and Google has since published a support page that lists devices that support Seamless Setup in Google Home (first spotted by Android Police).

With the recent launch of the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2, Google finally published a YouTube video that advertises Seamless Setup. As you can see in the video, smart home devices that support Seamless Setup in the Google Home app feature a special badge indicating as such. This is something that you should be on the lookout for if you want to avoid the cumbersome setup process that I talked about earlier. Philips, for instance, does a great job of advertising Seamless Setup support on its line of Hue-branded smart home lights. Alternatively, you can check out the aforementioned support page that lists all the Seamless Setup supported devices.

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