Microsoft Edge’s newest feature? Shopping in Microsoft Edge

If you have used the Canary or Dev version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser recently, you may have noticed a new icon in the browser’s address bar when opening certain sites. The message “this site has coupons” is displayed as well briefly to catch the user’s attention

I spotted the icon on Lenovo’s German website and discovered that it is displayed on other sites with shopping context as well. I saw it on Dell’s website and on Newegg, but not on Microsoft’s own site, Apple’s site or the main Samsung site.

Update: it appears that the functionality is also included in the Stable / Beta versions of Microsoft Edge; could be an A-B test or regional feature. End

A click on the icon displays an introductory message and the name of the new feature: Shopping in Microsoft Edge. The message provides a short description of the service — We’ll find you the best coupons and easily allow you to compare prices across retailers — and an option to get started right away or skip it for the time being.

microsoft edge shopping

A click on the got it button enables the functionality, and you will see the number of coupons that Shopping in Microsoft Edge found for the active site. A click on the icon displays the available coupons and you can click on any to copy the coupon code to the Clipboard.

Each coupon is listed with the coupon code, the domain it is valid on, and a description that provides details, usually the amount you can save when you apply the coupon and its terms.

microsoft edge coupons

Select “see more” to display all available coupons — the default view displays just two — and browse them right on the page. The interface is a bit of a hassle to use, as it involves some scrolling if more than a handful of coupons are available. It may also be difficult to compare them all if there are too many of them listed by Edge.

shopping in microsoft edge

The shopping feature is not entirely new, as it was part of the classic version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge users who don’t want to use it at all, and don’t want to see the icon in the address bar, can turn it off in the browser’s settings.

  1. Load edge://settings/privacy in the browser’s address bar.
  2. Scroll down to the Services section.
  3. Locate “Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge”.
  4. Toggle the preference to turn it off (blue means it is enabled, gray/white that it is disabled).

Closing Words

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of shopping extensions that list coupon codes when users open certain sites on the Internet. Apart from the privacy implications, I’d often run into issues using the coupon codes on these sites. Still, if you do like these services, you may find Microsoft’s service useful. Everyone else may just disable it and be done with it for good.

(via Deskmodder)