Model D Wireless: a new wireless mouse from Glorious!

In the world of gaming peripherals, we have Glorious PC Gaming Race. The brand behind the Model O and Model O Wireless and , announces a new reference. Indeed, the Model D of the manufacturer goes wireless. In short, here is the Model D Wireless!

Model D Wireless: a second wireless mouse from Glorious!

Glorious Model DWith this new mouse, the brand goes wireless its typical palm grip mouse. This model has an internal battery with an autonomy of 71 hours if we believe the announcement of the brand. Nevertheless, we do not know if these 71 hours are with or without lighting. In any case, what impresses once again is the announced weight of 69 g. As a reminder, 69 g is the weight of the wired version in glossy finish!

Otherwise, this model still has a perforated shell similar to the Model O. The same goes for the RGB lighting on the sides and on the wheel.

Internally, we find a BAMF sensor developed in collaboration with PixArt, which is announced as being lag-free and with low power consumption. On a wireless mouse, this makes sense. However, we have no idea about its sensitivity. With a little luck, it will have the same characteristics as the Model O Wireless. This would translate into a sensitivity of up to 19000 DPI, a tracking speed of 400 IPS while being able to withstand accelerations of 50G.

In short, what interests us here is also the selling price of $79.99, which remains rather affordable for a wireless mouse. In fact, it’s the same price as the Model O Wireless.

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