Viper Elite II: New Memory Kits from Patriot!

As for the RAM, we have some news thanks to Patriot. The brand specializing in the field, announces, indeed, its Viper Elite II. New kits that can reach 4000 MHz on 32 GB capacities.

Viper Elite II, kits up to 32 GB for 4000 MHz.

Patriot Viper Elite II

With its new kits, the brand offers fairly basic memory, without RGB lighting in all directions. Nevertheless, we note the presence of an asymmetrical aluminum heatsink in black and red. The latter will not be very high, 3.5 cm, which will limit the breakage with some air cooling heatsinks.

In terms of characteristics, the brand announces kits with a maximum capacity of 64 GB. However, on these capacities, we go up to 3600 MHz. You will have to turn to 32 GB kits to get the precious 4000 MHz. Otherwise, we even have 4 GB strips at 2666 MHz.

Regarding the timings, these will depend above all on the memory frequency of the kit. They will be 20-26-26-46 at 4000 MHz and 3600 MHz, while we’ll go to 18-22-22-42 at 3200 MHz and 16-17-17-36 at 2666 MHz.

For the rest, we have XMP2.0 compatible sets. Similarly, this memory remains compatible with AMD and Intel platforms.

Currently, we have no idea of the price that will be charged, ditto for the availability. Nevertheless, we can console ourselves by saying that the target market for Patriot is not Europe.

Here is the Patriot datasheet!

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