More than 300,000 audiobooks are available to UK Spotify listeners

Spotify has announced that more than 300,000 audiobooks are now available for Spotify users in the United Kingdom for the first time.

The feature, which was already available in the United States, allows Spotify users to buy and then listen to audiobooks. Those audiobooks can be found alongside the streamer’s existing music and podcast offerings, with more audio than ever before available from within the one app.

Spotify’s expansion into audiobooks continues its push to make it the go-to place for people who want to listen to anything. The company says that audiobook fans will be able to buy individual books and even get a preview of each one before making a buying decision, giving them the chance to test drive each new book before buying.

Those looking for some buying ideas will also find recommendations as well as a best sellers list when looking for a little audiobook inspiration, Spotify confirmed via press release.

Spotify’s entry into the UK audiobook market adds another option for those who prefer to have their books read to them. Amazon’s Audible as well as Apple’s Books Store are two other options available to users.

Spotify launched audiobooks in the United States in September and immediately ran foul of Apple’s App Store rules. Spotify wanted people to be able to buy their audiobooks via the Spotify app, but would have had to pay Apple’s App Store commission to do it. As a result, Spotify audiobooks can only be bought via the web.

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