Netflix reveals how it will block account sharing

You will require a temporary code if you want to use Netflix when on holiday.

Netflix on Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Feb 2023
Netflix is clamping down on account sharing and has detailed some of the measures it will use to prevent it.

It has had a real problem with account sharing (AKA password sharing) in the past, with families and friends accessing the same Netflix subscription even when they don’t live in the same building. At the end of 2022, it estimated that more than 100 million households participate in account sharing globally.

One way of countering this will be a paid account sharing plan, whereby it is possible to pay a little extra on the existing subscription fee to share access with family members in other locations. This is currently being trialled in a few South and Central American countries, such as Argentina and Honduras.

However, it has also revealed how it plans to curb unpaid account sharing, with some clarification appearing in a new FAQ section on its website (thanks to GHacks and 9to5Mac).

Using multiple sources of information, including IP addresses, device IDs and account activity, it will determine whether a user is watching Netflix content from home, away or if a totally different household is accessing the service.

To ensure uninterrupted access, Netflix content must be watched via the primary Wi-Fi source at the account holder’s home at least once every 31 days. This creates a “trusted device”, claims the streaming service. If a non trusted or verified device outside that network also tries to access the service for an “extended period of time”, it may be blocked.

For those worried about access when travelling or while on holiday, the primary account holder will be able to do so without any issues. Other profiles on the same account can also access the service for up to seven consecutive days through a temporary code that can be requested by the account holder.

As for the number of people who can watch Netflix simultaneously through the same account, that’s entirely down to the tier subscribed to still.

A Premium Plan allows for up to four devices to access the service at the same time, for example. There’s no limit to how many devices can be used to view Netflix individually.