New PS5 software beta explained: How to get it, what it adds and more

Sony is rolling out a beta system software update to PlayStation 5 today. Here’s what it adds.

New PS5 beta software explained photo 1

Sony is rolling out a new system software beta update to PlayStation 5 users today. Users who are enrolled in its beta system will get some brand new options, including expanded Dolby Atmos support and much more.

Here’s what the July 2023 system software beta update adds to PlayStation 5. You can also scroll down to check out how to register for the beta program for future trials.

New features in PS5 system software beta (July 2023)

The latest update for PS5 brings a few really highly-anticipated features to the table.

Check out each of its additions, below, or visit the PlayStation blog to get the full details.

Dolby Atmos support

While it first launched as a headphones-only feature, Sony has now massively expanded how its 3D Tempest Audio surround sound works, and this beta brings support to Dolby Atmos systems at last. This means you can expect much more immersive surround sound if you’ve got an Atmos system, which is welcome.

Mute PS5 beep sound

This might sound tiny, but at long last you’ll be able to adjust whether the PS5 makes a beep sound when you turn it on or wake it – or adjust the volume of that beep. We’ve waited years for this moment!

Bigger SSD support

You can expand your PS5’s storage by a big amount already, but this beta version raises the limit for a new internal PS5 SSD from 4TB to a whacking great 8TB, just for good measure.

Ease of use and social features

A bunch of smaller changes include additional controller support for accessibility setups, better social features UI to make adding people to parties and broadcasting your game a lot smoother, and improvements to how hints work with Game Help.

How to apply for the PS5 beta program

Although it may be too late to test the latest beta version of the system software, you can still register as a beta tester for possible future inclusion.

Just head to the registration page here – – and sign into your PlayStation account to verify your interest.