Now Google Home users can sign up to test the redesigned app

The wait is over: some Google Home users can finally try out the newly redesigned Google Home app. If you want to try out the new Google Home app public preview, you might be able to easily sign up inside the app itself.

To get started, you’ll request an invite within the Google Home app for Android and iOS, which takes a couple of steps, as we’ve outlined below. It’s also not an immediate process, either, as some people have had to wait a while to be accepted, so be prepared to wait.

  1. Assuming the preview is available to you, first head on over to Google Home’s Settings menu.
  2. There, you’ll be able to see Public Preview under General.
  3. You can then click on Request invite to try out the preview.
The Google Home app open with a “Request invite” button.
Click on “Request invite” to sign up.
Image: Google

Once you’ve signed up and are ready to go, you’ll be able to use a whole host of new features, like the new Favorites pages. This new setting makes it easy to “favorite” devices, cameras, and in the future, Automations, so you can quickly access them and see livestreams when you open the app. Meanwhile, you can use the new Spaces feature to quickly check out and control similar devices like lights, Wi-Fi devices, and cameras.

You can also now enable new triggers for Routines for these smart devices. That means you can use a motion sensor to turn on lights and your TV when you walk into a room or have your robot vacuum and your security cameras turn on when your lock your door.

The Google Home app’s automations menus.
You can automate and schedule lights and more.
Image: Google

Keep in mind that, as a public preview, you may encounter bugs. Google’s asking people to report these issues and other feedback via the Submit Feedback button within the app.

But if you’re not at all a big fan of any of the new changes, fret not. For now, you can still go back to the current stable version of the app by revoking the invite from Settings as well.

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