PicPick 7.0: screen capturing tool launches with delayed capture support

The developers of the screen capturing tool PicPick have released PicPick 7.0 to the stable channel. The new version of PicPick improves the application in several meaningful ways.

I reviewed PicPick for the first time in 2018 and came to the conclusion back then that it was a professional-grade screen capturing tool for Microsoft Windows devices. PicPick, available as a free for non-commercial use version and a commercial version, made it to the top of our overview of screenshot apps for Windows immediately.

The developers released important improvements since then. Just recently, support for screen recording was added to PicPick.

PicPick 7.0

picpick 7

The new version of PicPick comes with an improved capture interface. It offers new functionality but also improvements.

PicPick 7.0 supports delayed captures. The feature was missing in previous versions. It enables users to capture the screen after three, five or 10 seconds, making it ideal for captures that require preparation or items that require interaction.

The new timed delay capture feature is available in PicPick’s mini toolbar, which it displays when users activate the capture functionality. It is also available from the program’s system tray icon, under Screen Capture > Time Delay, and in the program settings under Capture > Capture Options.

The time delay option is not linked to a particular capture type. Once the desired delay has been set, it becomes available for all screen capture options the program supports.

picpick options

Another new capturing feature darkens the area outside of the user selection. If you select one of PicPick’s capture options that let you select a region on the screen, you will notice that the area that is not inside the selection is darkened automatically. The setting is enabled by default, but can be turned off under Capture > Capture Options

The program’s screen magnifier tool displays grid lines by default now when launched. This can be disabled under Capture > Capture Options > Magnifier Window as well.

Apart from these new functions, improvements have been made in other areas. Scrolling window and fixed rectangle capture modes, and the capture options menu have been improved in the release. PicPick 7.0 has better support for the DPI values of different monitors, and the screen recorder menu is now found in the screen capture mode.

Users may also notice that the loading performance has improved, and that there is a new open recent files / folders option when opening the main screen of the application.

You can check out the full changelog and download options on the official PicPick website.

Closing Words

PicPick is an excellent screen capturing tool that gets better with every release. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP.

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