'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' Hands-On Impressions: Taking The Button Mashing Out Of Fighting Games

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars may look like many other mobile fighting games out there, but a tweak to the combat system has this game standing apart from the rest. Instead of button mashing to win, Legacy Wars relies on how well players can manage time.

When playing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, players pick a team of three Rangers (or villains). Each team consists of a leader and two support fighters. The leader is the character that does all of the fighting in a given match, while the other two can jump in to provide assist attacks and break up an opponent’s flow.

Once teams are selected, the actual fight begins. Instead of mashing buttons or entering in combos, players have the option to pick from one of three attacks. Each attack has a value, typically ranging from zero to five. When using an attack, the value of the attack is subtracted from your available energy points pool. Players both start with 10 points, and points are constantly regained over time. Once an attack has been used, it is replaced by a different attack.

There are three basic types of attacks: red, yellow and blue. Yellow attacks are more basic, quick attacks, the red ones are stronger, but take more time to use, and the blue attacks disrupt enemies either by blocking or other means. Players are also able to move back and forth, allowing you to jump out of range of an opponent’s incoming attack.

This all combines to make a fighting game that is pretty fluid, especially considering the fact that it is in real time using mobile devices. By removing the need to be the fastest player to hit buttons, new strategies involving stringing together the best moves or timing an attack just right become much more important for success.

Once a match has ended, players are rewarded with upgrades and new characters. Not only can characters be upgraded to make them stronger, each attack a character has can also be beefed up. This is especially helpful to round out character abilities.

With all the options for upgrading characters and their moves, team building is incredibly important. Not every character has access to every move, but the support fighters can lend attacks to the team leader. For example, you may have a character with strong attacks, but can’t block at all. If you have a support character with the block ability, that can be passed on to the team leader to use in fights. It may also be beneficial to power up the block ability as well, but you wouldn’t have to worry about leveling up the entire character to make the block move stronger.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is also the only game to include characters from every version of Power Rangers, ranging all the way from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series up to the new movie. Making a team of all Red Rangers is pretty cool to see, especially with each version of the character playing a little differently. If you care at all about the Power Rangers franchise, this is definitely the game to be checking out.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will be releasing for iOS and Android devices on March 23, one day before the Power Rangers movie releases in theaters.

So what do you think? Are you interested in playing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars? Will you be going to see the Power Rangers movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.