PS5 VR leak hints at massively upgraded next-gen 4K model


PS5 VR leak hints at massively upgraded next-gen 4K model

In late March, Sony confirmed that it is working on a next-generation PlayStation VR headset that will launch at some point for the PS5 console. Though we’re still lacking many official details at this time, Sony did reveal the controllers that will come with the next version of its VR product, ones that’ll sport the same kind of innovation seen with the DualSense controllers.

Sony said at the time that the PS5 VR product’s controllers will feature things like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, tracking, and finger touch detection — not to mention a far more mature design. The company didn’t have anything to say about the actual VR headset, however, leaving many to speculate about the kind of upgrades it will bring.

A new leak has surfaced over at Upload VR where a report claims that the next-generation PlayStation VR headset will bring substantial improvements over the current version, including a 2000 x 2040 resolution per eyes, gaze tracking to facilitate foveated rendering, haptic feedback motors, and an adjustment dial for the lenses.

These details were reportedly sent from Sony to its partners, facilitating the leak — though, of course, the company has not confirmed this is what we can expect from its next-gen product. The model will, per Sony’s previous announcement, be wired in nature and you’ll need a PS5 console to power it.

The wired connection will take place over USB-C and there will, as you’d expect from a modern VR headset, be built-in cameras that track the controllers. By the sounds of it, PlayStation 5 owners can expect a virtual reality experience not unlike what you get from competing wired headsets. Pricing and availability information remains unknown.

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