Roku Releases Its Own Smart TVs After Years of Partnerships

Roku TV

Roku smart TVs have been popular for years, but Roku only handles the software side — TCL, Hisense, or other companies design the hardware and sell the final product. Roku now wants to try designing TVs, and has revealed its first lineup of Roku-made smart TVs at CES.

There are two lineups of smart TVs coming to the United States in “spring 2023,” branded as the Roku Select series and Roku Plus series. The company said in a press release, “Building on Roku’s TV streaming leadership and decades of experience, as well as its successful Roku TV program, the new Roku-branded TVs combine the company’s award-winning operating system with its deep expertise in TV hardware, offering more choice and innovation to both consumers and Roku TV partners.”

Roku didn’t provide specific details about each model to How-To Geek, but the TVs will be available in sizes ranging from 24-75 inches. The Roku Select series will come with the basic Roku Voice Remotes — the same remote bundled with most of the company’s streaming devices. The more expensive Roku Plus series TVs will have the Roku Voice Remote Pro, which adds a headphone jack for private listening, customizable shortcut buttons, and a lost remote finder.

Roku TV models
Some (but not all) of the TVs

The announcement didn’t mention what kind of display panels will be used (LCD? OLED?), supported refresh rates, resolutions, HDR capabilities, or really anything else. However, we do know that pricing for the new TVs will range from $119 to $999.

Roku was also quick to mention that its partnerships with companies like TCL and Hisense aren’t going away, even with Roku now trying to sell its own TV hardware. The new models “complement the current lineup of partner-branded Roku TV models,” according to Roku. You’ll be able to buy them in the United States starting in “spring 2023.”

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