RTX 4090 Hogwarts Legacy Showcase DLSS3 and Ray Tracing Tweaks and DLSS3 Look Pretty Impressive

hogwarts legacy showcase ray tracing tweaks dlss3

A new 4K Hogwarts Legacy showcase has been released, showing this magical game running on an NVIDIA RTX 4090 with DLSS3.

This new graphical showcase comes from known German YouTuber and digital artist ‘Digital Dreams’ and shows this already insanely popular game with the artist’s own custom ReShade ray tracing preset in order to further enhance the game’s ray tracing effects. In addition, the video features the unofficial ray tracing tweaks for the game that we reported on earlier. For those unknown, the PC version suffers from some ray-tracing effect issues, and these unofficial tweaks sort of fix these for now.

It’s an impressive graphical showcase for Hogwarts Legacy that shows how great this game can actually look on a powerful setup. Check it out below:

A lot has been said and written about Warner Bros. latest title, but here’s what we wrote about the game in our review:

In terms of story, Hogwarts Legacy also manages to capture the magical feel of Harry Potter. It does it successfully by being set a good century before the events of the novels. We’ll meet a few Weasleys, even a gaunt, to name a few. The only known characters from the other formats you’ll know are the ghosts of Hogwarts, with you crossing with Peeves, chatting with Nearly-Headless Nick (if you’re Gryffindor, I assume other houses will be different) and other longer-term fixtures. Fortunately, and as far as I am, the game manages to forge its path incredibly well, adding in a few canonical elements, such as ancient magic. I’m not at the end, so if it is canon, I’m curious how they explain away the lack of ancient magic in later stories.

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Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The Switch and PS4/XO versions will arrive in the coming months.

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