Surface Duo’s Android 12L update brings experimental “force desktop mode” feature

The recently-released Android 12L update for Surface Duo gave us a handful of things to marvel at, from new wallpapers and numerous design element tweaks to a new Pen menu and more. Nonetheless, what really makes this release extra interesting are the hidden gems waiting to be discovered. One has been recently shared by a Surface Duo enthusiast: a feature allowing the use of your Surface Duo device to access a Windows PC via the Remote Desktop Program (RDP) app.

Microsoft hid a CLOUD DESKTOP MODE into the 12L Surface Duo updateMicrosoft hid a CLOUD DESKTOP MODE into the 12L Surface Duo update
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Shane Craig, who shows the details in his YouTube video, said it was first shared with him by a Twitter user after plugging the device into a dock. Craig did the same in the video to demonstrate how the feature called “force desktop mode” works.

It is important to note, however, that the feature is not explicitly available since it is under the Developer Mode. It can be activated by first enabling the Developer Mode and going to Settings > System > Developer options. From there, you can toggle on the “force desktop mode” option, which describes the feature as a “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.”

Once activated and with the device plugged into the dock, no changes will be seen on the end of the Surface Duo device. Craig noted how it would remain usable despite being connected to the dock where the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are also connected. However, the computer monitor will show the RDP app icon you can click. Doing so will give you the option to connect to the available Windows PC on your network or in the cloud. This also allows adding of more PCs and connecting other apps.

While interesting, the feature is still not ready, so it might not work on all Surface Duo users. Nonetheless, it offers huge possibilities for the future of Surface Duo devices as tools for professionals who need easy access to their Windows.

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