The Leitz Phone 2 is a stunning phone you shouldn’t buy

The Leitz Phone 2 is a good-looking slab of phone that offers an impressive-sounding camera, but you shouldn’t buy it. Buy the Sharp Aquos R7 instead.

First, let’s start with the good stuff. The Leitz Phone 2 is a phone built by Sharp for camera maker Leica. It comes with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip inside and has a 6.6-inch OLED screen, nice large 5,000mAh battery, and a massive rear camera that Leica claims is the “largest sensor ever in a smartphone”. It also comes with a dust cap for that lens, too. Leica is very keen to point out that pictures taken on its cameras – and phones – have a certain way of looking that makes them “unmistakable”. So there’s that.

Oh, and it looks pretty great. But it’s expensive and sells for 225,360 yen (about $1,588). Or it will when it goes on sale exclusively via SoftBank on November 18. So the chances are you won’t be able to buy it anyway.

The real problem is the elephant in the room – the Sharp Aquos R7 on which the Leitz Phone 2 is based. And it’s available for around $200 less, too.

You won’t get the Leica branding, of course. Nor will you get the Leica-specific widgets that show images taken by Leica owners and when Golden Hour will be. But if none of that is important to you, the Sharp is probably the better buy.

Although if you’ve read this far into the details of a Leica phone, you’re probably already looking for a way to place an order for one of your own.

It does look good.

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