Turtle Beach’s flagship gaming headset offers ‘unrivaled’ noise cancellation — for a price

Turtle Beach has announced the Stealth Pro, its latest flagship wireless gaming headset equipped with “unrivaled active noise cancellation” and a swappable two-battery system. The Stealth Pro is available to preorder today for $329.99, with a full release date set for April 23rd.

If you winced at the price, you’re not alone. That’s considerably more than rival flagship offerings like the Razer Barracuda Pro ($249.99). To justify it, Turtle Beach says the Stealth Pro is equipped with four internal microphones that can reduce noise levels by 25dB, which the company claims is “the most effective, competitively benchmarked noise-cancellation available in a gaming headset.” Users can customize their equalizer or noise cancellation settings via the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app for iOS and Android or Turtle Beach Audio Hub V2 for Windows PCs and Mac.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro gaming headset against a white backdrop. Its wireless transmission station and battery charger is pictured to the left.

The Stealth Pro is only available in black (for now) and comes with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that doubles as a battery charger (pictured left).

Image: Turtle Beach

The Stealth Pro uses swappable battery packs — it only requires a single battery, but you’ll get two so there’s always a fully charged battery pack ready when power is low. That’s a nice touch for folks who hate plugging in their headsets to charge. Each battery lasts up to 12 hours, and charging a battery pack for 15 minutes can provide up to three hours of battery life. The battery charger also doubles as the headset’s 2.4GHz wireless transmitter.

The headset has a removable noise-canceling boom microphone that Turtle Beach claims can reduce 97 percent of background noise, alongside two concealed microphones for when you don’t want the nerdy boom mic attached. There’s also a remappable wheel and button built into the headset that users can assign custom functions to through the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app.

A close-up of the remappable wheel and mode button on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro gaming headset.

The programmable wheel and button blend into the headset design.

Image: Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro features Bluetooth 5.1 dual connectivity and multiplatform support so you can listen to music or take calls simultaneously while connected to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile / tablet devices.

Technically, two models of the headset are available: one designed for PlayStation (which doesn’t support Xbox consoles) and one for Xbox (which does support PlayStation). The only difference explicitly mentioned relates to 3D surround sound support, with Windows Sonic available on the Xbox version and Sony 3D Audio on PlayStation.

Previous Turtle Beach headsets (like the Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max) also differ by the built-in Chat Audio feature, meaning that while the Xbox variant does support PlayStation, the headset’s game and chat volume controls would only work when connected to an Xbox console. We have contacted Turtle Beach to clarify if this is also the case for the Stealth Pro and will update if we hear back.

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