Your Fire TV Is Begging for the Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Someone speaking into the Alexa Voice Remote Pro

After a long wait, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro is here to enhance your Fire TV’s capabilities. This remote gives you instant access to Alexa, and it offers two programmable buttons that can trigger routines or open apps. Surprisingly, Alexa Voice Remote Pro only costs $35.

The Alexa Voice Remote Pro was first revealed during the Amazon Hardware Event in September of 2022. It’s compatible with most Fire TV devices, including third-party smart TVs that run Amazon’s Fire interface.

A diagram of the Alexa Voice Remote Pro's programmable buttons.

Like the standard Alexa Voice Remote, the new Voice Remote Pro lets you control your TV and smart home devices using voice commands. There’s also a volume control and a set of shortcut buttons for popular streaming apps.

But the Voice Remote Pro adds a bunch of features, including controls for your TV (instead of just your streaming stick). It has backlit buttons, a shortcut to open your Fire TV’s Bluetooth menu, and a handy “find my remote” feature.

More notably, Voice Remote Pro includes two programmable buttons. You can turn these buttons into shortcuts for streaming apps, or use them to trigger Alexa Routines (a great idea for home theaters with smart lighting).

You can order the Alexa Voice Remote Pro today for $35. It works with most Fire TV devices, though some older Fire TV sticks are incompatible. You can find full compatibility notes on Amazon’s listing.


Introducing Alexa Voice Remote Pro, includes remote finder, TV controls, backlit buttons, requires compatible Fire TV device

Need a smarter remote? The Alexa Voice Remote Pro adds a ton of cool features to your arsenal, including a find my remote function and two programmable buttons for apps or smart home routines.

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