Best photo scanning software for Windows 10

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Photo scanning software solutions are practical for many reasons. These include helping you scan your ID to send it via email, to creating a digital copy of all your precious memories.

In the end, they prove useful when trying to put together amazing photo albums with your family and friends.

If you already have a scanner device at home, then you also probably have the scanning software tool it was shipped with. Unfortunately, many default photo scanning software solutions do not deliver the results you would expect.

Some of them have low quality and poor features, such as lack of photo scanning in batch mode. Others are simply outdated and do not work on the newest operating systems.

As such, we went through the trouble of finding the best photo scanning software tools available. These give you the possibility to process multiple files at the highest quality.



VueScan main window

VueScan is a photo scanning software solution that specializes in negatives. Images can be scanned in flatbed, transparency or doc feeder mode, at any preferred resolution (up to 300 dpi).

It supports OCR, so that you can also use it to obtain text from scanned files.

The application has a clear-cut interface that unlocks features based on the licensing model you choose: basic, standard, or professional. Evidently, professional mode comes with the most options and configuration settings.

Before starting the scanning operation, it’s possible to preview the photo and crop it in order to eliminate any unnecessary parts.

In fact, VueScan provides you with several image size presets and, if you want to scan anything bigger than that, it will be necessary to scan multiple parts and later put them side by side in the same picture.

Several editing tools are available for the photos, such as cropping, color, and fading restoration, grain reduction, sharpen, de-screen, flatten, color balance, brightness, or scanner color space. The output files can be saved as TIFFs, JPGs or PDFs.

The application receives regular updates and can be purchased in two ways: standard or professional edition. While the standard version allows only flatbed scanning, the professional mode unlocks features for film and slide scanning, automatic document feeders, OCR and advanced features.


  • Both editions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Updated regularly
  • Contains several editing tools


  • Doesn’t support many file formats as scan results

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ScanSpeeder Pro main window

ScanSpeeder is an easy-to-use photo scanning software solution that makes it possible to obtain photographs from flatbed scanners. It is capable of scanning multiple images in bulk, and it can restore faded photos as well as scan slides or negatives.

The images can be scanned at any resolution you want, such as 300 dpi for best speed or 600 dpi for best quality. You can add frames to scanned images before extracting them to the disk, write tags, and toggle photo enhancements.

The tool can automatically straighten the photos, append frames, as well as save the images as TIFF or JPEG files.

ScanSpeeder also works with scrapbooks and album images, featuring 48-bit deep color scanning and 16-bit true gray scanning modes.

If you are interested in this photo scanning software solution, you can opt for two paid premium plans: standard or pro edition.

The only difference between the two is that the standard edition can’t scan photo negatives, slides and films, nor perform 48-bit deep color scanning or 16-bit true gray scanning.


  • Efficiently gets photos from flatbed scanners
  • The demo comes with 10 free scans


  • Not much of a difference between the two versions

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Closing thoughts on photo scanning software

Taking everything into account, photo scanning software tools are useful for scanning multiple images in bulk after you can select the preferred resolution.

Both VueScan and ScanSpeeder are excellent tools for the job, although they approach the entire task a bit differently.

Thus, if you want a reliable tool for scanning your favorite pictures to put together image albums or scrapbooks, you shouldn’t miss these two photo scanning software solutions.