Sony investor document confirms Uncharted 4 is coming to PCs

Over recent months there has been a modicum of chitter-chatter regarding what were once Sony PlayStation exclusive titles coming to PC. Sony has already started releasing some ‘PS4 exclusives’ on PC, for example it released Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC in summer last year, and it came packing PC enhancements. Then last week Days Gone arrived on PC – stirring talk of what other great PlayStation titles might get distributed on the PC platform.

Now an Investor Relations Day document has shuffled into the public domain, via gaming industry Twitterer Wario64, and it clearly shows that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is planned for PC release in the not-too-distant future. This highly rated Naughty Dog classic is about five years old so, like Horizon Zero Dawn, it would definitely benefit from some PC platform enabled enhancements to image quality and frame rates.

You can see the Sony slide, above, highlights the PC strategy under the heading of ‘New Growth Vectors’. PC seems to be a major part of this revenue growth from older IPs strategy, as will be mobile games releases. The PC market won’t only add more revenue directly, after the porting effort / expense, but it is also seen as a way of creating new Sony gaming fans, and opening up geographic audiences where there are no modern PlayStation consoles.

It looks like this news being buried in an investor presentation is a slip-up, so we should get a bigger fanfare announcement of the PC port from Sony shortly.

What other PlayStation titles would HEXUS readers like to see on PC in the future?

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